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When you need carpet cleaning in Agoura Hills, there is only one brand you should call!

Carpet Cleaning In Agoura Hills

Carpet Cleaning Service

No matter how bad your carpet stains are, Angel Carpet Cleaning has you covered. With professional and friendly technicians, we’ll take care of your stains. We have great equipment to get the job done, so call us today for professional carpet cleaning.

The carpet cleaning process is one of delicate chemistry. You must understand the composition of the stain, the carpet, and the cleaning chemicals. You must also know what combination will eliminate the stain without damaging the carpet. Our Agoura Hills carpet cleaners know best, so give us a call and let us take a look.

We offer several different types of carpet cleaning to match your changing needs. The truth is, every carpet is different, and on top of that, every stain is also different. The best way to get a carpet clean is through understanding multiple strategies. Essentially, you have a choice between steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Our process for both of these cleaning methods is different, and they work better in different circumstances. Here’s an overview of the process behind them and how to choose which one is right for your Agoura Hills carpet and stain.

Agoura Hills Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the method of using hot water extraction to remove deep-seated carpet soils. The process of steam cleaning is actually quite simple and effective. It is one of the many services on offer from Angel Carpet Cleaning in Agoura Hills.

After arriving at your Agoura Hills home or business, the carpet is vacuumed up. This removes any surface-level carpet soils on top so that the steam cleaner can go straight to cleaning the deep stuff. Anything that’s just recently gotten into the fibers and hasn’t had time to be pushed to the bottom will be sucked up and removed before it becomes a problem.

After that, the steam cleaning machine will be used on the carpet. This machine shoots hot water mixed with mild amounts of soil-eliminating chemicals into the carpet. In this process, the weaker soils are dissolved, and the sturdier ones are shot up out of the fibers by the water pressure, bringing them to the surface to be vacuumed up by the steam cleaning machine.

Sometimes, not all of the soils are sucked up by the machine. That’s why the carpet is vacuumed afterward one last time to destroy any residue left over in the cleaning process. After that, your Agoura Hills technician should be on their way.

Steam Cleaning Best Practices

Steam cleaning is the most effective cleaning method you can perform on your carpet. It reaches deeper than dry cleaning and eliminates the worst stains using fewer chemicals. That being said, there are two main disadvantages to steam cleaning that you need to look out for before getting it done on your carpet. Your carpet may not be made for this method.

First, steam cleaning can be a bit rough on a carpet. Some carpet fibers are too fragile to handle these powerful machines firing and extracting hot water through them. On top of that, some have runny colors and can’t take this much liquid. If your carpet is silk or rayon or otherwise can’t handle getting too wet, you should get dry cleaning done instead.

Second, as you can imagine, steam cleaning takes a very long time to dry. You can’t walk on your carpet while it is drying, as this risks attracting dirt that sticks to the remaining residue and gets the carpet dirtier faster than if it was dry. If stepping on your carpet can’t be avoided for a few hours while it dries, then your Agoura Hills steam cleaning probably won’t work out.

Agoura Hills Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the process of scrubbing in chemicals mixed with small amounts of water to eliminate carpet soils. This process is also simple and effective.

Vacuuming beforehand is a good idea here as well. Some surface-level carpet soils can slow down the dry cleaning process and prevent the chemicals from reaching deep into the carpet fibers. Making sure those are out of the way first will make your Agoura Hills carpet cleaning process smoother and more effective.

After that, the chemicals are poured all over the carpet. For some customers, this part of the process can feel a little weird. After all, it’s not every day you have something deliberately spilled all over the carpet. Fortunately, this is a mess that won’t attract bacteria or harmful bugs.

Once the chemicals are on the carpet, an Agoura Hills technician will scrub them in with a brush to ensure they really get deep within the fibers. These chemicals absorb the dangerous soils and dissolve them, eliminating them with the minimal amounts of water they contain.

After that, any chemicals left on the surface are vacuumed up. Despite the name, this technique does involve a bit of drying time, but not much. You should have a clean carpet in no time.

Perks Of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is less effective than steam cleaning but also way easier on the carpet surface. It’s also a much faster process. It gets deep into the fibers and eliminates a lot of dangerous carpet soils without hurting the carpet. Essentially, dry cleaning is a great alternative when you can’t steam clean your carpet due to its inability to handle steam cleaning.

If your Agoura Hills carpet is made of silk or rayon, you should order dry cleaning rather than steam cleaning. The dry cleaning process isn’t going to damage those more fragile fibers. Check if your carpet dyes can handle large amounts of moisture as well. If it can’t, the moisture in dry cleaning will be fine and not do too much harm.

If you need Agoura Hills carpet cleaning in a commercial setting or otherwise can’t keep people from walking on your carpet while it dries, you should get dry cleaning. You don’t need to avoid the carpet for long, as this process is much faster and has rapid dry times.


What’s better, steam cleaning or dry cleaning?

Steam cleaning cleans deeper than dry cleaning but also leaves your carpet wet and can be rough on fragile carpets. Which one you should choose depends on your carpet situation.

Is it a good idea to get your carpet cleaned?

Over time, carpets accumulate horrible soils that get stuck deep within the fibers if you don’t have them deep cleaned regularly. These carpet soils can have a negative impact on your health, so deep cleaning is important.

Should you hire carpet cleaners or do it yourself?

Carpet cleaning machinery is hard to use. With improper use, you can inadvertently cause mildew and other molds to grow in your carpets. It’s much more effective to hire a professional for your Agoura Hills home or business.

Will carpet cleaning remove pet odor?

No matter what you do, your pet’s filth will slowly build up over time. The only way to properly take care of that filth is to get your carpet deep cleaned. So yes, carpet cleaning should remove any pet odor.

How do I know if my carpet is clean?

You often can’t fully know, as harmful bacteria inside your carpet is invisible. To ensure that your carpet is clean, ask if it’s had a deep cleaning in the last six months. If not, it’s time to call a professional Agoura Hills carpet cleaning service for your home or business.

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