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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tired of looking at mold and grime stains? Call us today for outstanding tile & grout cleaning in Agoura Hills.

Tile & Grout Cleaning In Agoura Hills

Tile & Grout Cleaning Service

Among the many services offered by Angel Carpet Cleaning, you can’t overlook tile and grout cleaning. But unfortunately, when it comes to cleanliness, these surfaces are often neglected. That is why it is so important to get this cleaning done properly by a professional cleaning company.

The best tile and grout cleaning in Agoura Hills is just a phone call away. When you call, we take away all the rest of the guesswork. Scheduling an appointment is simple, fast, and straightforward. And once we find a time that works for you, cleaner tiles will soon be yours.

Need an appointment today? No problem. Angel Carpet Cleaning in Agoura Hills offers its full range of services with same-day appointments. That means there is no delay if you have an emergency or have simply put off cleaning too long and cannot wait another day.

Once your appointment is made, your technician will get in touch with you. Our staff will also give you updates and even remind you of the appointment before the day arrives. We know people have enough on their minds, and once the service is booked, we take care of the rest.

Make sure to schedule a cleaning today so you can rest easy, knowing that a cleaner floor is simply an impending reality. When it comes to cleaning, Angel is ready to be right there on your shoulder, giving you the advice and service you need for a better lasting cleaning experience.

The Perks of Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

In all honesty, when it comes to tile, people are more than happy to settle for standard do-it-yourself cleaning. The issue that you will run into is the cleaning is rarely complete without the use of professional tile and grout cleaning equipment an Agoura Hills cleaner would have.

Sure, you might vacuum or break out the mop every once in a while, but is that enough? The simple answer is no. Dirt, grime, oils, and even mold become caught in the crevices between tiles. Vacuuming only pulls up dry debris, and moping pushes debris into every nook and cranny.

That is where the perks of a professional tile and grout cleaning service come into play. With steam cleaning, particulates and dirt are freed up from both the tile and grout and removed. Unlike traditional mopping, our Agoura Hills tile and grout cleaning is not going to just move the mess around.

And as we already mentioned, tile can collect mold. This is especially true in the cases of bathroom and kitchen tile. These environments have quite a bit of water, which provides mold what it needs to grow. And without proper cleaning, it will grow back even after it is removed.

Though it may be true that not all mold is harmful, if you can see it, that is not ideal. It will continue to come back if you are not careful. The microscopic mold spores can travel when one area is cleaned and land on the next area they will grow.

Improve your air quality and the look of a room by having the tile and grout be the color they were intended. For the sake of your health, as well as aesthetics, call for a professional Agoura Hills tile and grout cleaning.

Types Of Grout

Not all grout is created with the same components, and they can vary quite a bit when it comes to texture. The resulting differences in the types of grout can create difficulties or boons in terms of the ease of cleaning.

If you are going to use a tile and grout cleaning service in Agoura Hills, this is less important for you to know. Your technician will be able to assess the type of grout being used, and in most cases, it will be of little consequence due to the use of professional cleaning equipment.

1. Cleaning Sanded Grout

A bit of a misnomer, sanded grout does not refer to the fact that it is sanded smooth. It is actually the opposite, as it has grit to it. So it is more of a sandpaper surface than it is like a sanded surface.

The grit of sanded grout creates a rather unique issue when it comes to cleaning. Specifically, it creates more areas for dirt to hide. The rough surface resists cleaning, even going as far as wearing down mop heads and sponges. But an Agoura Hills tile and grout cleaning service will have no issues.

2. Cleaning Unsanded Grout

The opposite of coarse sanded grout, unsanded grout is made without grit. It is smooth to the touch. But any cement grout is still going to absorb water. This can sometimes result in recurring or returning grout stains if you do not use a pro tile and grout cleaning service in Agoura Hills.

As cleaning causes the grime to spread out and absorb down into the cement grout. For a time, it seems as though the stain is gone. However, with a bit of time, the water evaporates, and the dirt returns to the surface of the grout.

3. Cleaning Epoxy Grout

Epoxy Grout is significantly more water-resistant than cement grout. Depending on your application, it can sometimes be as high as 50 times as water-resistant. This helps prevent dirty water from seeping into the grout for the magic act of disappearing and reappearing stains.

But many tile installations do not use epoxy because it is more expensive and takes longer to cure. As a result, many tile and grout setups do not have the ideal grout for cleaning. But even with this grout, the space between the tiles can still catch grime as you attempt to wipe it away.

Properly Clean Tile & Grout In Agoura Hills

As you learn more about our company, it will likely become more clear that we take cleaning very seriously. That is why we recommend our services to anyone who is not getting the desired clean when they attempt this work themselves.

In the case of tile and grout cleaning, it can be difficult to see the difference between what you have now and a fully cleaned surface. But you will be able to see the difference when you get the work done by an exemplary tile and grout cleaning service in Agoura Hills.


How do you clean tile and grout?

There are many ways to clean tile and grout yourself, but the best solution is to hire a tile and grout cleaning service. When the work is done professionally, steam cleaning equipment can be used that provides a faster and longer-lasting clean.

Are certain tiles harder to clean than others?

Generally, any hard surface that is more coarse or porous will present a greater level of difficulty for cleaning. However, professional tile and grout cleaning services have tools that address these complications and ensure an effective and high-quality clean.

Who cleans tile and grout?

Many carpet cleaning companies offer tile and grout cleaning services. The tools and knowledge it takes to clean carpets are transferable to these surfaces as well. Just be sure that when you go to hire an Agoura Hills Carpet Cleaning service, they are aware of the special considerations for cleaning tiled surfaces.

Do tile and grout cleaning services use harmful chemicals?

Angel Carpet Cleaning uses eco-friendly and green cleaning products and processes. These are not harmful to the environment. There are also no lingering fumes that are going to harm humans or pets after cleaning.

Can my tile and grout cleaner arrive the same day I call?

If you want same-day service, Angel Carpet Cleaning in Agoura Hills is the company for you. With our large staff and quick service times, we constantly have workers ready to take on more jobs with short notice. Give us a call and get service ASAP!

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