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Picking The Right Colors For Your Tile & Grout

Posted on December 6, 2022

Tile and grout cleaning in Agoura Hills is a necessary step in preserving your kitchen and bathroom tile flooring. Because these areas are used so often in both homes and commercial facilities, it’s critical to stay ahead of upkeep. Angel Carpet Cleaning has mastered the craft of tile and grout cleaning in Agoura Hills and is here to give your floors longevity!

An important part of the process is choosing the right color for your tile and grout. If you don’t know what grout is, picture any floor tile that you’ve seen in your life. Now, imagine the space in between each tile. That’s grout. Combining some version of cement, sand, and water together creates a rough, sturdy texture that holds your tile flooring in place.

Certain colors of grout are better suited for kitchens and bathrooms depending on personal preferences. It also plays a role in Agoura Hills tile and grout cleaning because some colors show more dirt and grime than others. Through our many years of offering tile and grout cleaning in Agoura Hills, Angel’s experts have come up with the three main things you should look out for when choosing tile and grout colors.  

1. Patterns

Tile flooring has both functional uses as well as design concepts. You need floors that will withstand pressure and moisture, while at the same time looking appealing and creative. Tile and grout colors may seem rudimentary and insignificant, but the contrast they display makes an impact. For example, darker tiles with light-colored grout are very noticeable. 

Generally, you’ll want to select a grout color that’s opposite of your tile. Light tile pairs well with darker grout and dark tile balance out nicely with lighter grout. Brick patterns are a popular tile design in homes, which looks best with gray grout. There are endless possibilities to choose from and it’s helpful to know all of your options, even with tile and grout cleaning in Agoura Hills. 

Undertones are another aspect of tile design you need to be aware of. Are you trying to feature cool undertones or warm undertones? Blues and grays portray cool undertones. For a warmer feel, you’ll want to play around with red, orange, and cream colors. These are all subjective and can be interpreted differently by the homeowner, but following these design concepts is a good start!

2. Space

Colors also have a way of making spaces feel larger or smaller when they interact with their surroundings. Maybe you prefer a bathroom tile concept that blends together evenly with the same colors. This will make your space feel bigger because there’s less contrast between the tile and grout. Lighter colors, predominantly white, increase this effect. 

3. Other Considerations

Patterns and space are just the beginning of the elements you need to consider. There are so many other aspects that can determine which tile and grout colors are appropriate like textures, room lighting, cabinet design, countertops, backsplashes, etc. Angel has to make certain adjustments to these things as well during tile and grout cleaning in Agoura Hills.

Choosing your own tile and grout colors is an exciting process. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creative side and build the kitchens and bathrooms of your dreams. And once you settle on the perfect design, call company whenever you need professional tile and grout cleaning in Agoura Hills. We’re here to keep your tiles healthy! 

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