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Should You Clean Your Carpets Before Moving In?

Posted on March 29, 2022

It is only when a space is truly and completely empty that certain problems reveal themselves. You may find stains that were previously covered by furniture, which has now been moved. Something you thought was a shadow is now clearly not.

But now that you have found that your carpet needs to be cleaned, you may be wondering if it is better to clean your carpet before or after moving in. There are good reasons for doing both, so let’s get to the bottom of the best choice for your needs.

Before You Move In

There are a few different reasons why it makes sense to clean your carpets before you move into a new home or office. In some situations, you can take advantage of certain carpet cleaning perks that are readily available before you get to work moving into a new space.

1. Pre-Existing Stains

Instead of backing yourself into mirroring the layout of the last resident in an attempt to cover up a stain, see if it can be removed. Perhaps you were told that it was there to stay by the previous owner, but without using professional carpet cleaning services, they cannot know that for sure.

This is especially true if you are going to change the carpet based on the current state of your inherited carpet. Before tossing an existing carpet due to stains, smells, or other wear, it is a good idea to see if the carpet can be refurbished or cleaned in a way that restores its former glory.

2. Passing The Cost

You may be able to negotiate for it to be the responsibility of the previous tenant, landlord, or homeowner to handle the cleaning after they move out. If you have not had this discussion, do not expect to move into a space that is entirely spick and span.

If the space is in disarray or stains and damage have been discovered that were not disclosed when you were shown the property, you can ask to be compensated for any cleaning costs you incur. But if you have already moved in, responsibility for any mess can be laid at your feet.

3. No Furniture

Chances are rooms are never going to be more empty (and therefore accessible) than before you have moved in. Moving furniture before your carpet cleaner arrives can be a hassle, especially in smaller carpeted rooms. This may be reason enough to clean carpets before moving in.

After Moving In

In many cases, it can be beneficial to wait to clean your carpets until you have already moved in. So if you are looking to procrastinate, take a look at the good reasons not to clean your carpets before you move in. But if you have a stain, don’t wait until that has settled in.

1. Settling In

When you are moving in, you may be looking to do a mixture of large and small renovations. These projects spill out from their intended area of effect and result in stains. Even if you are painting the outside of your house, paint can still track inside on shoes or clothes.

After spending some time in a property, you may also see that the tile could use a clean. The mattress you moved in had something spilled on it. Now you need more cleaning services, and it is simpler to get them all done at once.

2. Changing Carpets

If you have already decided you will be changing out the existing carpet for something that fits your needs, cleaning can wait. With a brand new carpet, you can certainly wait quite a while after moving in before needing cleaning.

Be sure you don’t change the carpet before settling in and risk picking up stains and smells from moving and remodeling. If you install your carpet too soon, you may need cleaning sooner rather than later.

3. Finding Professionals

Postponing anything affords you more time to collect recommendations and do your own research to find the best Agoura Hills carpet cleaning. I would argue you’ve already found the best choice with Angel Carpet cleaning, but you have time to make your decision.

I would add that it is a good idea to know who you will be contacting for carpet cleaning services before you need them. That way, during an emergency, you can make a quick call so whatever is on your carpet does not have time to deepen, solidify, or otherwise become harder to remove.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are going to have your carpets cleaned before moving in or after, don’t delay a moment longer than makes sense. The longer a carpet is left distressed, the more damage it can sustain. When you are ready, be sure to call for carpet cleaning services.

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